blue boxes

Francis Cayouette
Donald Judd

(continuing to influence)

Donald Judd

" real materials existing in real space

"American sculptor and art writer Donald Judd (1928-1994) was best known as a major practitioner of and spokesman for Minimalism in the 1960s. His works, or “specific objects,” display an overall sense of wholeness and clarity and reiterate the belief that art and idea are inseparable."

Remodelista (a favorite site!) just posted this Ikea crate...
designed by Francis Cayouette.
Thanks matt for sending this my way..
Go to remodelista here.

Donald Judd : Prints
April 01 - May 01, 2010
at Elizabeth Leach Gallery

"Donald Judd (1928 - 1994)
was a seminal Minimalist sculptor, known for his total commitment to formal exploration, as well as his intensity of color and the sensuousness of his surfaces. Though originally a painter, Judd made extremely little two-dimensional work. This exhibition of prints from the 1960s offers an extremely rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of this lesser-known aspect of his practice. Though these prints were made at the height of Judd’s career, Judd’s interest in printmaking began in the mid 1950s, and extended throughout his career, including a brief collaboration with his father, Roy, in the early 1960s.

This exhibition is on view in conjunction with the Judd Symposium, taking place in Portland, OR on Sunday, April 25, 2010."

go to Remodelista here.
go to Elizabeth Leach Gallery here.

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the sun.


Nancy Holt
Sun Tunnels (1973-76), Great Basin Desert, Utah

"Three years after graduating, she married fellow environmental artist Robert Smithson in 1963. Holt began her artistic career as a photographer and as a video artist. This involvement with photography and camera optics are thought to have influenced her later earthworks, which are “literally seeing devices, fixed points for tracking the positions of the sun, earth and stars.” Today Holt is most widely known for her large-scale environmental works, Sun Tunnels and Dark Star Park. However, she has created site-specific environmental works in public places all over the world. Holt has contributed to various publications, which have featured both her written articles and photographs."


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Alex Hartley : Summer 2012

"It is slightly absurd...
but when you see the island
there will be magic in it ."

- Alex Hartley

Nowhere Island..

somewhere off the coast.

"It's dawn in early summer 2012.
A large crowd has gathered on the Cobb at Lyme Regis.
People have camped through the night to be here.
The sea is calm and placid.
Then a remarkable sight emerges against the backdrop of the famous cliffs.
A large island moves through the water on a long, low barge.
Dark silver in tone, it appears like an alien material on the Lyme horizon.

Part epic sculpture, part spectacular vessel,

it moves closer to the land
dwarfing the small boats that herald its arrival at the harbour."

"Artist Alex Hartley will bring an arctic island to the South West of England. He discovered the island in the High Arctic archipelago of Svalbard as part of the 2004 Cape Farewell expedition. The island was revealed from within the melting ice of a retreating glacier and Alex was the first human to ever stand on it. It is about the size of a football pitch, consisting of rubble and moraine around a small amount of bedrock. The Norwegian Polar Institute has recognised the island and it is named and included on all maps and charts subsequent to its discovery.

A portion of the island will be transported to South West England through international waters and whilst en route it will apply for micronation status. The new 'micronation', nowhereisland, will navigate the entire 702 miles of coast around the South West region, visiting its ports and harbours, accompanied by a travelling embassy support vehicle. nowhereisland will embark from Poole and arrive in Weymouth and Portland for the duration of the Olympic sailing events, before continuing west and ending its journey in Bristol, the same port from which John Cabot set sail to search for the fabled North West passage.

This artwork seeks to poetically explore issues of climate change, land ownership, national identity and the exploitation of the earth's remaining natural resources.

At the end of the island’s journey around the south west coast, the winning entrant of an international architectural competition to design a small island habitation will be chosen. The small building will be erected on the island for Alex Hartley to live in."

go to nowhere island
site here...


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Interiors: Los Angeles

Jamie Bush
and Co.
Los Angeles

Jamie Bush
and Co.
Los Angeles

go here to his site.
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adam silverman : new work.

Faena Nueva:
new work
by Adam Silverman
at Heath Ceramics.
Opening April 10.
6-9 pm.

I stopped by Adam's studio,

at Heath, the other afternoon.
Lots of work in progress!

go to Atwater Pottery here.
and go to Heath Ceramics, here.

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pt 2.
Lori Ryker

"Lori Ryker explores the value of case studies in understanding new alternative-energy technologies. She profiles three completed leading sustainable case study projects to lay the groundwork for body of the book, which presents six contemporary architectural projects that integrate alternative technologies for generating and conserving energy. Each project explores how the owner's desire to contribute to a more sustainable culture is brought to bear on the design and execution of the home. Diagrams and clear explanations of technologies and their appropriate applications help the reader understand how the technologies work and how they may best be used in their own homes.
At once groundbreaking and responsible, the ideas presented in this book will hopefully someday become commonplace and ubiquitous, for then we will be living in inspiring and beautiful homes in a pollutant-free, healthy, and thriving environment."

"Our homes are connected by a nearly invisible grid of infrastructure that binds us together. It is a system of electrical poles, wire, substations, hydroelectric dams, telecommunication towers, and water extraction and sewage systems. It is also one of the greatest environmental challenges known to modern civilization.

Profiling ten beautiful homes in regions as diverse as New York City, urban Germany, suburban Southern California, rural Canada, and the remote "bush" of Australia, Off the Grid: Modern Homes + Alternative Energy shows you how to take responsibility for your future choices and conveniences by living in a beautifully designed home that uses much less energy. Off-the-grid living is a concept that can be easily understood and adopted by everyone, regardless of where you live or how much money you make. Learn why understanding a site's geography and climate are vital to knowing which off-the-grid technologies will be the most efficient."

via amazon here..

go to studio ryker here.


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American Dreaming

"Where I live

is the last remaining
land of America that is left"

Off The Grid, Life on the Mesa

a documentary by Jeremy Stulbery and Randy Stulberg,
(now streaming on roku)
stayed up late watching this mindblowing documentary!

"Jeremy and Randy Stulberg, a brother and sister team, originally set out to make a documentary about U.S. citizens living abroad. Then they discovered a tribe of expatriates here at home, fleeing the American mainstream in a way that only deepened their American identity. The Stulbergs filmed them instead, with riveting results.

In 15 square miles of abandoned land, about 400 misfits—aging hippies, disillusioned veterans, teenage runaways—have built a community where no one cares if you smoke pot, fire your rifle all day, let your kids drive your car, or walk around naked in the desert heat. It's a landscape of beat-up old trailers, shacks jerry-rigged from recycled materials, solar panels, little farms, greenhouses, and at least one tipi.

"Where I live is the last remaining land of America that is left," says Dreadie Jeff, another Mesa resident. "You can do what you fucking want there."

read the whole article here
via reason magazine.


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bar bambino, sf

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colllector's cabinet


the collector's cabinet
Designed by
Jan de Swart.

Jelutong wood.
Doors opening to reveal fitted holders
with yellow painted backdrop .

buy it here.
Provenance: Collection of the artist
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From Habas to Los Angeles....


to l.a. with care.

"the listener"

I awoke to an email from Ivan Tereschenko, (his blog here.)
He informed me that the photograph is in route to
Los Angeles, California, via Habas, France for
the upcoming 2010 LACE auction, May 20, here in Los Angles.

Ivan's photographs of interiors, and portraits

are exquisite, and always inspiring.
I'm so happy our paths have crossed.

Go to Ivan's website


"Born in England and educated in France, Ivan Terestchenko studied history of Art at the Ecole du Louvre and was a painter until the age of 30 when he switched to photography and landed his first assignment with french Vogue . He contributes to many international publications.

Recently, Ivan photographed "The Private World of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé" published simultaneously in four international editions, in France, UK, Germany, and in the US."


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"Blue bird laughs on a fallen tree
Sunset burns on a quiet sea
Sold my soul and
they ran me down
There was no moon,
there'll be no milk as sweet "

california. spent all day hiking in the sun, and following the moon.

1. moon lamp, by david groppi.. here...
2. image of full moon...

text by iron and wine, "no moon"
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deconstructing the home.


the home
lisa sigal.

stairs with partial stripes = total fun.

want more
on moving stairs??
go here!
(daniel buren)

this would be fantastic dining room wall!
fantastic bar area?

“The Day Before Yesterday the Day After Tomorrow,”
is a painting of an unearthed wall.
The painting functions as a gap between the physical fact of
the material and the fiction of a painting.
The red and white striped rectangle is a folded piece of Sheetrock.

The stripes appear again in the museum’s stairwell.

images by Lisa Sigal
go to her portfolio here.
lisa's work is amazing..

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1. robert mapplethorpe, 1982, embrace.
2. thomas prior
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"it is
that we
see each
other again."

"I am
give myself

alicja kwade
inspired by
im revolting..
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Claus Bolby
b. 1944


go here for more ifo
on Claus Bolby.


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thomas houseago


Thomas Houseago: “My name is Thomas Houseago and I live and I work in Los Angeles. I’m in the Whitney Museum for the Biennial and we’ve just installed my piece here in the room so we’re still in the process, I guess, it’s still dirty, and things are still happening, and we’re not lit. I called the piece Baby because I had a very weird summer. There was enormous fires where I live up in the hills in Los Angeles. So as I was making this there was this volcanic kind of event going like on my doorstep and my wife was pregnant with what was to be my son was about to be born, and then simultaneously there was, in the studio where I was working, there was this explosion of violence – there was like a murder right outside my window. So this piece was this weird mixture of disaster and birth that was going on in my life and at the same time I was making this piece very conscious of my first sculpture ever going to New York City, which as a guy of my generation means something you know. We shipped it on a crate. They built the crate outside my studio. They had to build the crate outside the studio on my street, which is a fantastic thing because you had the shrine of the guy who was shot and the crate builders, it was like something from a Fellini movie, it was beautiful. And so they crated it on the street, in Los Angeles, with like thousands of people congregating like a music video or something and then they put the crate on the truck, drove it out here, and then, to my surprise and amazement it was already here in the room when we arrived."

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the devon coastline.



sustainably sourced uk oak
burnt, stained & finished

I found this site this morning randomly browsing..
spent an hour looking at their pieces!!
pristine and raw materials.
check out their whole collection here.

do you ever meet a piece of furniture
and know that you would be immediate friends with the maker?
this is that sort or furniture.



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"to get to non-art,
non-nothing; everything…
It’s not the new,
it is what is yet not known,
thought, seen, touched;
but really what is not and that is.”

- Eva Hesse,

No title, 1969
Cheesecloth, adhesive
43.7 x 28.5 x 11.5 cm / 17 1/4 x 11 1/4 x 4 1/2 in

16 March – 24 April 2010, Hauser & Wirth New York

"On March 16, Hauser & Wirth New York will open an exhibition of such objects: ‘EVA HESSE’ brings together fourteen works, many never before shown publicly in the United States, that previously have been considered improvisational ‘test pieces’ or prototypes for larger sculptures. Of these, eleven are delicate papier cachĂ© forms – wisps of assembled paper, tape, cheesecloth and adhesive made between 1966 and 1969 – that are neither round nor rectangular, but indeterminate. Intimate manifestations of the artist’s thought process, they evoke the bodily, suggesting fragments of skull, sheaths of timeworn parchment, tablets awaiting manuscript, curving shadows, the lens of an eyeball. These objects evade easy definition: They have been seen variously as experiments, little pieces, molds, tests for larger works, or finished works in their own right. In her recent research on Hesse’s work, prominent British art historian Briony Fer has renamed these objects collectively as ‘studioworks,’ proposing that their precarious nature places them at the very heart of Hesse’s influential practice and raises important questions about traditional notions of what constitutes sculpture."


"Life doesn’t last;
art doesn’t last "

-Eva Hesse

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ruby and simons.

spray paint.

sterling ruby
raf simons.

via designboom. such a great site!
if you want to see what the space
looks with clothes in it, go to
the link above. personally, i think
it looks better empty.

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Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Man
pt. 18
the black and
white portrait
(go to all portraits here)

Portrait of a Man
pt. 18
the black and white portraits of men
(go to all portraits here)

1. Glenn Denny Photgraphy, 1968
2. Unknown, Old Chum perhaps?
3. Ivan Terestchenko, go to his blog here.
4. Marni Horwitz, see more here.
5. Jeff Whetsone, portfolio here.
6. Glenn Denny Photgraphy, 1968, go here for more..

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"Apparent simplicity for a harmonious complexity of shapes.
This lamp is realised in one horizontal plane that acquires
form and volume through the bends of the material.

A formal simpleness defined by details.
A warm and intimate light,
like the kind gesture of someone
bowing down in greeting. "

via the contemporist, here


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Mathieu Mategot
Pair Of Sconces

at rewire now..

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