Y H B H S (card catalog) selection 3

Christopher Farr, Los Angeles
"quietly drawing our attention to what is always in front of us..."

“Grandfather’s Envelopes”
by Fujii Sakuko

Christopher Farr writes, “I love this mans work as it the real "arte povera"... No artifice...just quietly drawing our attention to what is always in front of us but mostly ignored.. What makes this even more delightful is that book is an homage from a granddaughter to her grandfather.”

"Around the age of 80, Kouzaki--who was a master builder and carpenter--retired and started creating envelopes from discarded pieces of paper: he'd rescue paper, resize it, fold it, glue it--sometimes delicately peeling paper of many layers in order to get the thin layer that he desired.

This envelope making became Kouzaki's
raison d'etre in his old age, and after his death in 1997 his granddaughter memorialized her grandfather's artworks in this slim volume of exceptional images..."

(via SRI threads bookstore.)


Christopher Farr has been at the spearhead of contemporary rug design for over twenty years. Together with his business partner Matthew Bourne, they were the catalyst that revolutionised contemporary rug design.

Starting with a small shop in a leafy area of north London, a stone's throw from Primrose Hill, this one time painter, trained at the Slade School, wrought a vision that combined the art of the times with a different form.
From cool minimalism to bold neo-expressionism influenced by the artists Ryman, Albers and Martin, his medium was no longer oil on canvas, but wool and dye, spun and woven by hand into objects that were more than mere floor coverings. They were themselves works of art.

(take a look at Christopher Farr's latest collection of Rugs, "Itten" inspired by
Johannes Itten, the Swiss art teacher/ painter....)

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Y H B H S (card catalog) selection 2

Fergus Feehily, artist
"Sometimes it might not be opened for months, or even a year or two, but then it gets pulled out of a stack of other books, fresh and with new meaning to be taken from it each time... "

All Of Us: The Collected Poems
, Raymond Carver.

One of the books that means the most to me, often beside my bed or in the studio. Always full of insight, pared back beauty and consolation. Sometimes it might not be opened for months or even a year or two but then it gets pulled out of a stack of other books, fresh and with new meaning to be taken from it each time.

This copy has been all over with me, in Tokyo, Berlin and Dublin. Carver’s work was first put my way by my friend Alan Sherry I think, in the form of the better know short stories and it has meant a great deal to me ever since. The passing of time and getting older reveals more to me each time I reread these poems, it’s hard to believe that I didn’t quite see this or that in them just a few years ago.

Salman Rushdie once said ‘Read everything Raymond Carver wrote. ‘ When you have spent some time with these poems you realize why. Alan went on to run a small record label called Siwa, not perhaps unlike the small publishers mentioned in Carver’s great Some Prose On Poetry.


Fergus Feehily

"Fergus Feehily’s painting explores a long-term preoccupation with blurring boundaries, often between non-representation and image, text and drawing. There is an undertow of anxiety and ambiguity in his work, an unsettled searching in its making. This constant exploration leads to odd twists and turns- just when you think you are sure what you are getting, the work shifts again and takes another avenue."

(please spend some time with his work here....)
and watch a video here....

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Y H B H S (card catalog) selection 1

Matt Olson of ROLU

"the past can be a great place to look for the future."

One book? Impossible. The best I can do? Two. A flat out tie.

: The New Domestic Landscape
A catalog from an exhibition of the same name at the Museum of Modern Art in 1972 reminds me that the past can be a great place to look for the future.

The Quick and the Dead by Peter Eleey,
A catalog filled with fantastic essays and interviews from a group exhibition of the same name at the Walker Art Center in 2009, reminds me of the vast, unknowable possibilities the past and future hold, and the limits of what I understand to be my understanding.


Matt Olson, ROLU

"ROLU, rosenlof/lucas, ro/lu is a design studio located in Minneapolis, Minnesota that's focus is on modern residential landscape design and installation. It's practice also extends to exterior design and collaborative architectural projects as well as urban planning work and public art. The studio was founded in 2003 by Matt Olson and Mike Brady and currently has four members and a summer intern from the environmental design program at the university of Minnesota. Rolu blog is about all the things that inspire us architecture / art / music / thoughts"

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YHBHS card catalog.

For the upcoming month of December YOU HAVE BEEN HERE SOMETIME will be doing things a bit different! Y H B H S has asked Writers, Artists, Interior and Furniture Designers, Bloggers, Gallery and Store Owner/Directors, and various design enthusiasts a very important question:

WHAT BOOK(s) HAS INSPIRED YOU THE MOST? (& will inspire us!)

The next month, YHBHS will be posting the results. I hope you enjoy this feature as much as I have enjoyed creating it. I have had such a great time corresponding with so many talented people, sharing inspiration from all over the world. It continues to blow me away the amount of amazing people I have met from this site. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to write back with your favorite book!!!

All regular postings from YHBHS will resume in the 2011. Happy Holidays~


So far, the list of participants includes: (with hopefully many more to be added!)

Matt Olson of ROLU DESIGN STUDIO, Brooks Hudson Thomas of SPECIFIC, Rodney Hill, partner MARC FOXX, Jason Roskey of Fern NYC, furniture designer, Gerard O'Brien Reform Gallery , Andrew from AN AMBITIOUS PROJECT COLLAPSING, blogger, Ben & Makoto of SCOUT REGALIA, designers, Paul Sepuya, artist, Ivan Navarro, artist , Don Freeman, photographer, Lindsey Brown of OUNO DESIGN, Anna Sew Hoy, artist, Kristin Dickson of IKO IKO, Fergus Feehily, artist Davide Balula, artist, Genevieve Dellinger, TELL YOU TODAY, designer Keegan McHargue, artist, Walter Manning of OLD CHUM and Old Faithful Shop, , Morgan Satterfield of THE BRICK HOUSE, Brian Paquette, interior designer, Christopher Farr of Christopher Farr, Meaghan Roddy, design specialist, NYC, Galerie Half, Los Angeles, Kevin H Beer, designer, Hollywood Forever, Kevin, Peter Loughrey, Los Angeles Modern Auctions , Liz Arnold, writer, and HOMEBODIES, Suzy Annetta of STUDIO ANNETTA, interior designer, Mary, artist, photographer, blogger UNCHANGING WINDOW, Andy Beach, REFERENCE LIBRARY, Andrew Russeth, 16 MILES of STRING, India Carpenter, designer / artist, Keehnan Konyha, decorator, 2THEWALLS, plus more!

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Houses: Modern Natural/Natural Modern
Written by Ron Broadhurst, Foreword by Barry Bergdoll

"An authoritative volume on the most innovative and environmentally sensitive new residential design. This carefully curated presentation of new and recent houses represents the vanguard of architects creating innovative structures that maintain a sensitive relationship to their natural contexts.

Ron Broadhurst has selected projects on five continents demonstrating the inexhaustible potential of the modern house to enter into a dialogue with nature, either as an extraordinary object within the landscape or as an essay in environmental sustainability, or both. Featured here is work by such design luminaries as Kengo Kuma in China, Sean Godsell in Australia, and Allied Works Architecture in the United States.

Some houses incorporate the cutting edge of environmentally sensitive design; some radically rethink the use of "traditional" materials such as wood and stone. "

via rizzoli, new york...

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the first glance of the season
the first glance of the season
the first glance of the season
the first glance of the season

the first glance of the season

1. Katsuhiro Saiki, here...
2. Brian Sharp at Acme Gallery, Los Angeles, Nov 20 - Dec 18

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spare the wick
for the weekend

A candle wick is string, cord, or wooden object that holds the flame of a candle. A candle wick works by capillary action, drawing ("wicking") the fuel to the flame. When the liquid fuel, typically melted candle wax, reaches the flame it then vaporizes and burns. The candle wick influences how the candle burns. "

"A German diarist in 1944, forced to use candles instead of lightbulbs during nightly air raids. was struck by the difference. "We have noticed," he wrote, "in the 'weaker' light of the candle, objects have a different, a much more marked-profile --- it gives them a quality of 'reality.'" This quality, he continued, "is lost in electric light: objects (seemingly) appear much more clearly, but in reality it flattens them.

Electric light imparts too much brightness and thus things lose body, outline, substance --- in short, their essence."

spare the wick
for the weekend

1. Elad Lassry, via luhring augustine
2. Super Dave. blow your mind here...
3. Ted Muehling, via here...
4. Lindsey Adelman Studio, Agnes Candelabra


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(let's) B U I L D a space within us....
attempts to realize "heaven(s) on earth"


"If there is a single idea that holds these disparate utopians together, it is the notion of journeying. . . .

They believed that it was possible to redeem oneself by undertaking a journey, that migration in both a physical and a psychological sense could create community.

All Things New: American Communes and Utopian Movements, 1860-1914


"...In a lot of ways, my work is a continuation of Modernism. It was artists such as Piet Mondrian and Kazimir Malevich who simplified painting, reduced it to a concept. Then, in America, Minimalism went even further, reducing art to the very object itself.

But the irony is that when you reduce art to that level, then all of a sudden the viewer's attention shifts from the object itself to everything else. What kind of space is it in? What kind of time is it in? So the Minimalists ended up showing the opposite of what they wanted to show.

The aim of my work, from the outset, is to show everything else. The mark on the canvas is a trigger to get the viewer to imagine other things. "
interview with Lee Ufan here...

"Back in the 1970s when space had the American imagination enthralled, figures like Gerard K. O'Neill and Buckminster Fuller began to imagine the next wave of Utopian experiments. Their remarks appear in an amazing book released by And/Or Press and the New Dimensions Foundation in 1978.

These experiments would be attempted with the realization that, if heaven could not be realized on earth,
perhaps it should be put where it belongs: in the heavens. " (here)


"If O'Neill wants to build his high-tech space Utopias, his enthusiasm is perhaps exceeded only by Timothy Leary, the psychedelic priest who wants the human race to SMI2LE (Space migration, exponential intelligence, and life extension) by the 21st century. Leary is notable for pointing out that "it will not be the bureaucrats, engineers, and technicians who settle out in space: instead it will be the 'heads'."

In other words, today's counterculture, the drug-taking dharma bums, will be the ones to escape out into space, even as Europe's counterculture sought their own "head trip" in America with Ephrata and the Woman in the Wilderness."

more here

"Leary sees a connection between the 'dropped out', 'freaked out' youth disaffected by the world of the 1970s, and the world-weary, alternative-cosmos-seeking "trippers" of the 1690s.

And are not their California communes and "Jesus freak" tent-cities the first step in the recreation of Paradise, asks Leary?


(let's) B U I L D from the space within us....
attempts to realize "heaven(s) on earth"""...


1. Carlo Scarpa
2. Lee Ufan

Lead pencil studio
4. Mattia Bonetti, via Paul Kasmin Gallery.

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Heath glass....
coming soon.....

Having been a glassblower in my 20's, I still have a huge appreciation for hand blown glass. There is simply nothing better than hand blown glass in my opinion. A friend, who knows I used to blow glass, sent this to me today via the HEATH blog. I'm thrilled that Heath is slowly expanding into other realms of craft, and can't wait to see these glasses in person. I wonder what's next?


"I’ve always wanted to offer Glassware that we could make locally. Earlier this year I visited a small factory in West Virginia, the factory has been around for 70 years … A collection of classic simple hand blown glassware by Heath. I love the result and that we are preserving the craft of American Glassmaking. Like our little factory, this craft of manufacturing is almost extinct in the US. The glassware is now in our stores, soon to be on-line. Let us know what you think."

-Cathy, via Heath Blog


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I carry my landscapes around with me....
- Joan Mitchel...

The Last Decade,” an exhibition of fourteen paintings
by Joan Mitchell produced during the last ten years of her life.
November 13 - December 23, 2010

Then, Last Time IV, 1985

A day once dawned, and it was beautiful
A day once dawned from the ground

Then the night she fell
And the air was beautiful
The night she fell all around

So look see the days, The endless colored ways
Go play the game that you learnt

From the morning

via here....
(nick drake)

Sunflowers, 1990-1991

"...and like van Gogh, who painted his iconic sunflowers following his move from Paris to Arles, Mitchell began to paint sunflowers when she relocated from Paris to the Seine valley, where they thrive.

Sunflowers (1990–1991), a lushly hued diptych on unprimed canvas, she captures both the sense of promise that the flowers inspired in her, together with the intimation of their limited lifespan. During the last ten years of her life, she frequently revisited this motif, commenting that she wanted her paintings "to convey the feeling of the dying sunflower."

from the Gagosian press release here..

Yves, 1991, oil on canvas

Joan Mitchell was born in Chicago in 1925 and studied at Smith College and The Art Institute of Chicago. She moved to France in the late 1950s and in 1967 she settled in Vetheuil, where she lived until her death in 1992.

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"The entry point is above, not below."
"I'd like to, because I believe in life elsewhere."
(close encounters of the third kind)

Gino Sarfatti, via wright auctions......

Now, there are all kinds of ideas that would be fun to believe in: mental telepathy, time travel, immortality, even Santa Claus. Now I know it's no fun to go home and say: "Guess what happened! I was in a shopping center. There was this tremendously bright light, and I rushed outside, and it was an airplane..

Excuse me, sir. I didn't want to see this.

I sure wish I had. You know, for fifteen years I've been looking for these damn silly lights in the night sky. I've never found any. I'd like to, because I believe in life elsewhere.

(taken from the film, here.)

Rich, Brilliant, and Willing.
the excel chandelier, perfection!

Stilnovo, via wright auctions.

I sure wish I had. You know, for fifteen years I've been looking for these damn silly lights in the night sky. I've never found any. I'd like to, because I believe in life elsewhere.

(dialogue taken from the film, here.)


"The entry point is above, not below."

"I'd like to, because I believe in life elsewhere."
(close encounters of the third kind)

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the fireplace
and its mantel.

Thomas M. Beeton & Associates.,

In days gone by, it was not common to have a fireplace mantel in your home. Fireplaces were practical- serving as heat and cooking sources in a home. They needed to be open and large enough to accommodate cooking pots and utensils and heat as much area as possible, and were not considered focal points of beauty like they are today.

Most fireplaces in common homes did not even have a hearth rug for fear of flying embers causing a fire. A fireplace screen certainly would have come in handy against sparks, but then again, that would have largely gotten in the way of practical chores such as cooking and the need to frequently add wood for warmth.

Ted Muehling's home. The white brick fireplace.

Until the twelfth century, fires were simply made in the middle of a home and smoke was vented out through the roof. As time went on, the placement of fireplaces moved to the wall, incorporating chimneys to vent the smoke. This permitted the design of very elaborate chimney pieces used in castles and homes of wealthy people. These pieces would be elaborately carved from wood and enriched with ornamentation.

Many European sculptors were hired to design and carve these magnificent mantels, some of which are on display in the world's great museums.

In the eighteenth century, it became common for a framed family portrait to hang over the fireplace. Today, more fireplaces are lit with a flick of a switch, rather than a match. A modern fireplace primarily serves to enhance the grandeur of an interior space rather than as a heat source. And because our homes are so varied in style, furnishings, size, and decor, fireplace mantels today can be as fancy or as plain as the homeowner wishes.

Fireplaces mantels can be the focus of custom interior decoration, or thought of simply as a place to display framed family photographs. A fireplace mantel offers an opportunity to create a personal statement unique to the room and enhance the architectural style, especially when adding elements such as capitals, moldings, and brackets. On the other hand, a wood fireplace mantel might be quite simple and plain, allowing the beauty of the wood grain to serve as its only decoration.

all text taken
firfrom here...

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Racing News .


is now on the
Remodelista Design Newsstand!


YHBHS could not be more excited to be part of REMODELISTA's Design Newstand. For daily interior design updates, Remodelista has always been the standard. With their latest venture, Remodelista has gathered 100+ design sites that will now be updated on their design newstand. Pretty cool, eh? I've added the icon on the right for easy browsing.

The above image was taken by QsySue ( image via here.. ).
It's a newsstand that is in the heart of Old Hollywood on Cahuenga Boulevard.

Remodelista's 100+ must-read design blogs—offering style perspectives from Australia to Zandhoven, plus remodeling advice from DIYers, remodelers, and architectural enthusiasts—everything you need to raise your design IQ. To get started, click on any blog and page through the entire Design Newsstand catalog in the viewer. "

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Portrait of a Dining Table.

"the holiday edition"

1970-2010 (slate, wood, glass, & marble)

Portrait of a
Dining Table

"the holiday edition"

1970-2010 (slate, wood, glass, & marble)

1. In the manner of Pierre Cardin, 1970

2. Delfi Vetro, Marcel Breuer - Carlo Scarpa - Tobia Scarpa 1969/2009 Ultrarazionale collection Evolution of Delfi table, realized in 2009 rielaborate by Tobia Scarpa, this table is composed by two monolithic bases made with White Gioia carrara marble or with White Vicenza stone and by a top in crystal fixed to them with brass plates and nylon supports.

3. Joaquim Tenreiro (1906-1992)" is the pioneer of modernist Brazilian furniture making. A forerunner in the use of rediscovered raw materials as well as the creator of a new formal language in 20thcentury Brazilian furniture design, he drew on the lessons of past furniture making as a vital source, not only in the mastery of technical and constructive solutions, but also in the aesthetic experience, craftsmanship, and the cultural meaning of his production. His exquisitely crafted pieces evoke a refined coexistence of traditional values and modern aesthetics, strongly bound to the Brazilian cultural milieu." more here.

4. B and B 1980's

5. Sawkille, Byrdcliffe Patio Table. go here...

6. Sebastian Matta, carved wood, 1970's.

7. Pacha Design Oak edge oak & slate dining table with benches. Reclaimed & sustainably sourced U.K. oak finished with eco hard wax oil cornish slate! New work coming soon!


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California dreamin' (of the past)

"A FRAME concept"

upcoming holiday + dining!


The upcoming holidays are around the corner! The feeling of fall in California has me thinking of new places I'm hoping to explore. There is something nostalgic about the holidays, and perhaps this is the reason I have become obsessed with A FRAME archiitecture lately. It reminds me of family trips to the Ozarks in the South.

Back to the present: day-tripping California style, from the Sierras to L.A. Dining, Food, and the warmth of a cabin's fire.
Perhaps an A FRAME holiday is in store this year!


Alighiero Boetti, ladder and chair, A-frame.... "Alighiero Boetti 1940 – 1994 was an Italian conceptual artist, considered to be a member of the art movement, Arte Povera. Boetti's work was typified by his notion of 'twinning', leading him to add 'e' (and) between his names, 'stimulating a dialectic exchange between these two selves'."


A-Frame, a new restaurant in Culver City, Los Angeles.

"A-Frame is a place that came from the feeling I used to get when cracking crabs on Redondo Beach Pier as a youth. The salt air, the cement benches. Newspapers and wooden mallets. Family and friends. The kind of food that you wanted to eat then and there is re-imagined here and now. Eat with your hands, reach across the table, lick your plates clean and share food with some strangers. " -Papi Chulo

"Triangular and tee-pee shaped homes date back to the dawn of time, but architectAndrew Geller turned an old idea into a revolutionary concept in 1957 when he built an "A-frame" house in Long Island, New York.

Named for the distinctive shape of its roofline, Geller's design won international attention when it was featured in the New York Times.

Soon, thousands of A-frame homes were built around the world.text ( via here.)

Idyllreek A-Frame Vacation Cabin is located at the very end of scenic Boulder Drive in Idyllwild, California. This Idyllwild Vacation Rental is nestled in the cool woods of Southern California’s San Jacinto mountains, Idyllcreek is the perfect Idyllwild Vcation Cabin for your next mountain retreat.

Idyllcreek is an original 1960’s A-frame cabin that is every bit as charming and serene as it looks.

more here....

"Starting in the 1950s, the A frame cabin was the most popular vacation home type and a national phenomenon. It dotted ski slopes from Stowe Vermont to Squaw Valley, California and was a common sight in resort communities and forests and on back roads in between.

The steep slope of the A-frame roof is designed to help heavy snow to slide to the ground, instead of remaining on top of the house and weighing it down. In winter time we do have up to 16 feet of snow at Far Meadow and this made it very logical that we decided to look into ‘rediscovering’ the A frame design and gave it a modern spin. FAR MEADOW is our 20 acre parcel situated within the Sierra National Forest at an elevation of 7000 feet.

14 miles above Bass Lake on the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway, this property is surrounded by amazing meadows, secret swimming holes and miles and miles of undiscovered hiking trails. Your own private Yosemite without the crowds."

image via Sunset magazine.


California dreamin'
"A-FRAME concept"

upcoming holiday + dining!


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when buildings become squares.
(when squares become buildings.
when black squares become walls.

when buildings become squares.
(when squares become buildings.
when black squares become walls.

1. Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York, photographed by Nikolas Koenig,
Selldorf Architects.... New YorK.
2. Mario Bellini Architects, 1971(?) go here!
3. Daniel Buren, a hero of mine. Black wall.

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a new favorite.
2 in 1.

(image via their
blog here.)

I've been stopping by AMSTERDAM MODERN more and more often these days. Their selection of lighting + furniture + store design is a big PLUS to the east side here in Los Angeles. I've never been to their warehouse in Van Nuys, but hoping to go in the upcoming month to see their new shipment from Holland.

They joined forces with
Mohawk General Store, (read their blog), which used to occupy a small store in the heart of Echo Park. Clothing, printed goods, and vintage stereo components. They now commune pretty perfectly.

Good things take time, and this store(s) was worth the wait.
And if you aren't local, then keep up with the AMSTERDAM MODERN blog.

"Amsterdam Modern offers mid century and vintage furniture, lighting and other household goodies. Our inventory is shipped directly from Amsterdam and arrives from all corners of Holland."

4011 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029

a new favorite.
2 in 1.

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The City Proper
curated by James Welling
20 November 2010 – 15 January 2011
Margo Leavin

John Baldessari Zoe Crosher Shannon Ebner Christina Fernandez
Frank Gohlke
Anthony Hernandez Peter Holzhauer Brandon Lattu
William Leavitt Lisa Ohlweiler Catherine Opie Arthur Ou
Allen Ruppersberg
Asha Schechter & Jacob Stewart-Halevy
Ger van Elk
Mark Wyse Amir Zaki

"The legacy of New Topographics, the 1975 landmark exhibition at the International Museum of Photography, Rochester, NY—of which Gohlke was a part—echoes throughout The City Proper , as photographers train their lens on Southern California’s urban landscape.

Predominately focused on images of Los Angeles, these artists underscore the nebulous boundaries of the modern megalopolis and invite new readings of the city that the majority of them call home. These contemporary images re-inscribe the myth of the American West and its historical depiction in romanticized landscape photography with hauntingly empty streets, banal settings, and occasional wry humor.

(via south willard log)

T h e C i t y P r o p e r
curated by James Welling
20 November 2010 – 15 January 2011
Margo Leavin

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