J. B. Blunk

in wood.

(go see this!)

At Blum and Poe, here
organized by Gerard O’Brien
of Reform Gallery.

"It is hard to know where to place Blunk as a craftsman.
Though he has achieved his primary success as a woodworker, he has also created an extensive body of work in clay, carved stone and cast bronze and has even made jewelry and weavings. Furthermore, he tends to blur the categories of furniture and non-functional sculpture as if they weren’t there. For Blunk, the issue of art status does not come up; he works without a conception of such a fixed category. His attitude towards such issues is reminiscent of the Japanese indifference towards distinction between art and craft."

J.B. Blunk
March 12 – May 15, 2010
Opening Reception: Friday, March 12, 6-8pm

“My way of working, the core of all my sculpture, is a theme, the soul the piece. Sometimes it is evoked by the material, sometimes it is an idea or concept in my own mind. It is always present, regardless of the material, size or scale of what will be the finished piece... Since I principally use a chainsaw to do this, it is a process that moves quickly. At times the cutting away and forming happen so fast it is almost unconscious… I suppose one could say I enter into a relationship with the material I am using and as in all relationships, there are opportunities for surprise.”

"The artist personally built his home and studio in Inverness, CA, on land gifted to him by surrealist painter Gordon Onslow-Ford in return for his exceptional work on Ford’s own home. The structures are masterpieces in their own right, and now are home to the J.B. Blunk Artist’s Residency, supported by the Lucid Art Foundation. In his practice, he sculpted mostly from centuries-old cypress and redwood, with stumps often larger than twenty feet in diameter. The artist would study the grain, or burl of a wood piece for days or weeks, and then without the use of sketches or maquettes work reductively on the form. His signature style of using various chainsaws and hand tools came to be greatly influential to contemporary sculpture and woodworking."

taken form press release...
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join me
in promoting
this cause.

equality and
respect for all!!

"We should look to each other with the respect we that we reserve for ourselves.
This works not in theory but in daily practice."

"This country is founded on the the principle that all are "created equal. Americans have fought to preserve this basic right since our nations inception. This does not apply to some of the people, some of the time, nor should it limit certain rights for certain people.

Ashley Thayer
quilts, go here for more info...

"log cabin"
Wild moss, coral, and stunning blue crystallize and gradate.

Let's change history.

Hundreds of artists
motivating public energy
toward true reform on a local,
state and national level.

Open to the public...... go here for more info!

March 3rd – March 7th, 2010
Wed & Thurs - 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Friday - 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sat & Sun - 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

1341 Vine Street
(between Hollywood & Fountain)
Los Angeles, CA 90028-8141

-- -- -- -- manifest equality -- -- -- --


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playground lover.


kick ass playground!

1. David Garcia Studio... via atelier..here and here.
2. Piotr Uklanski....

"David Garcia Studio inaugurated this prize winning installation in September 2009. Combining simple geometry with playful intentions, the 6 elements were designed to enhance play and inspire two different age groups of a newly built kinder-garden in Drejens, Denmark. Shifts in scale and direction, and variations in space, from intimate to shared and open, define the social qualities of the interventions. But it is the simplicity of the compositions, which allow for open interpretations, that has received so many compliments and have proven to be an instant hit with children. The installation was carried out in collaboration with artist Pernille Worsøe and designer Martin Larsen. The works were manufactured by boat builders Årøsund Bådværft. "
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"let the light shine through"

colored light.
"let the light shine through"

1. anya gallacio
2. Restaurant in london, unknown designer...
3. old chum tumbler, thanks walter!
4. mexico, flicker account here.
5. Nasir al-Mulk Mosque is a traditional mosque in Shiraz, Iran.... here.
6. daniel buren, c/o bortolami

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openings this weekend in la.


Matt Connors
c/o Cherry and Martin

Authority Curve Green Alphabet
Oil and pencil on canvas
16 x 12 inches

"Matt Connors’ works examine a range of non-mimetic signs including touch, frame and surface, while flirting with representing possibilities of a number of different emblems, including letter and number forms, stars and pennants. Some of these emblems are gleaned from everyday usage and seem oddly familiar. Some of them are mysterious and open the door to the possibility of private meanings. Exploring the idiosyncrasies of personal vision while directing the viewer in a loose, yet insistent way, Connors’ paintings elicit an emotional and visceral response while at the same time allowing for a range of intellectual questions. It has been suggested that Connors’ pictures are not so much abstract paintings as paintings of abstract paintings. In some sense this is true, yet, at the same time, Connors' paintings have a not-to-be overlooked handmade aspect that thoroughly grounds viewer and object in their own space."

"The Boneyard"
curated by Tony Payne, of PHIL





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Portrait of a Bed
Pt. 11

"The Patterned Bed."
(Pattern & Color)

richard hawkins, c/o richard telles

via cookie mag, here.

Portrait of a Bed
Pt 11

The Patterned Bed.
(Pattern & Color)

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permission to drift.

Cerith Wyn Evans
permit to drift.
go here..

"Since the 1990s, his work could be characterised by its focus on language and perception, as well as its precise, conceptual clarity that is often developed out of the context of the exhibition site or its history. For Wyn Evans, installations should work like a catalyst: a reservoir of possible meanings that can unravel many discursive journeys."

"His conceptual practice incorporates a wide range of media, including installation works, sculptures, photography, film and text. Wyn Evans began his career as a video and filmmaker, initially assisting Derek Jarman, and then making short, experimental films during the 1980s."

taken from here.


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two images of lamps.
1. unknown flicker
2. Ivan Terestchenko, via here

-- -- --- ---- ----- ---- ---- --- --

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a portrait
on the wall.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres
"Portrait of the Stillpasses, 1991"

"A year's worth of exchanges with Felix Gonzalez-Torres, beginning in 1990, resulted in a family chronology painted in silver on the edge of the roof that frames the swimming pool. Personal events like the birth of their daughter, Zoe ("A+K=Z 1984"), are mixed with cultural markers like "Watergate 1972" and "CNN 1980." The chain ends with "Barbie's Dream House 1989."

taken from article here...

Robert Venturi and Denis Scott Brown,
via here...

"One of the most pronounced characteristics of postwar Modernism was its apathetic approach to interiors. ...unthinkable to earlier architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Rennie Mackintosh who believed that the design of the building, inside and out, is an indivisible unity"

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Blue Boy.

go here to see more drawing on the wall!
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1. richard hawkins, 2007, richard telles
2. massive french desk, 1930

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"The limited time and space which an individual has
in which to pursue a necessarily limited range of opportunities.
Life space is the interaction of the individual with her or his behaviour setting."

(A New Approach to Home Design)
Spiros Zakas and Margaret Miner, 1977

via reference library...
go here!

finally got my copy in the mail yesterday.
so good!

rope rug chic!

"The first step in acquiring good taste is becoming sensitive to a web of cultural associations.
The second step is freeing yourself from the web."

LIFESPACE, 1977, page 16.



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The History of a Club.

the club.
pt 1.

i don't know
what this
world is
coming to."

go here.

"the underground club"

Paradise Garage, NYC 1978
" if it was a hit here it would work everywhere"

"It was founded by Michael Brody, its sole proprietor,
and was located at 84 King Street, New York City. It operated from 1977 to 1987 and was the base for DJ Larry Levan. Its name derives from its origins as a parking garage. The Paradise Garage's business model was largely inspired by David Mancuso's Loft parties: no liquor was served, there were no sales of food or beverages, and the club was not open to the general public."

the hacienda,
acid house, rave, madchester years...

"Before it was turned into a club, the Haçienda was a yacht builder's shop and warehouse before becoming a Bollywood cinema in the 1970s, showing films to the South Asian immigrants from the Manchester area."

more hacienda...

"Designed by Ben Kelly, upon recommendation by Factory graphic designer Peter Saville, upstairs consisted of a stage, dance area, bar, cloakroom, cafeteria area and balcony with a DJ booth. Downstairs was a cocktail bar called 'The Gay Traitor,' which referred to Anthony Blunt, a British art historian who spied for the Soviet Union. The two other bars, 'The Kim Philby' and 'Hicks,' were named after Blunt's fellow spies.

Crisco Disco
, Chelsea NY 1970' 1980's

The DJ booth was a large crisco can!
"The owner was a man named Hank and had an incredible cocaine habit, he used to invite attractive people into his VIP room where a huge pile of blow the size of a card table would be waiting — the club didn't even have a real liquor license, you had to buy tickets and then exchange the tickets for drinks..."

go here for more info!

, London

"But heaven is the place that's open
when all the bars in town are closed
heaven is the place, I never find"

----Neil Halstead... Martha's Mantra...----
listen here..

"Heaven opened in Dec 1979. It was opened by Jeremy Norman. The interior was designed by his partner Derek Frost. Norman had started an earlier club, The Embassy, in Bond Street in 1978. The Embassy had taken London by storm and is generally seen as the London equivalent of New York's Studio 54. Norman, an entrepreneur, took his knowledge and used it to create an entirely new form of gay club on a larger scale in the arches beneath Charing Cross railway station, once part of Adelphi Arches, a large wine-cellar for the hotel above. Heaven quickly established itself as the centre of the (then understated) gay London nightlife. Until Heaven, most gay clubs were small hidden cellar-bars or pub discos. Heaven brought gay clubbing into the mainstream."


"The club is located in a former power plant in Friedrichshain, behind the Berlin Ostbahnhof railway station. The building is distinguished by its enormous dimensions, which accommodate an 18 meter high dancefloor and space for 1500 guests, and also its minimalist interior design, dominated by steel and concrete. The club contains a "cavernous" main room, as well as a smaller upstairs space called the Panorama Bar, which is decorated by enormous Wolfgang Tillmans photographs and tall windows with a view of East Berlin"

"This club itself emerged out of a men only fetish club night, called "Snax", which was held in different locations before it found its permanent home at the new club "Ostgut" as a part of a new concept. Quickly the "Ostgut" developed into a focal point of the Berlin techno-subculture since the venue was now open for all genders on regular nights except on those "Snax" club nights six to eight times a year."

The Awakenings Party
, Amsterdam....

-- -- -- -- the history of a club -- -- -- --
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(los angeles)

Non Projects
, Los Angeles
at Mandrake on Thursday nite,
go here..

"Los Angeles on fire once more with this sumptuous record from
Ryan York/Asura on the newly forged Non Projects imprint.."
go here.

Non Projects is a record label dedicated to the support and discovery of Los Angeles' most innovative artists and composers. Mislaid within an ever-changing and confused recording landscape, Non Projects offers imaginative works of art and sound.

With the aim to showcase each artist's devotion to their love of music and the joy of uncovering hidden and undiscovered sounds and resonances, each release is available with supplemental materials providing a commonly forgotten tangible experience no longer associated with acquiring music.

listen here to asura...

here, sand and soil....

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direct forms.

1. David Watkins, c/o dezeen.... read more here!
2. Eva Rothschild

"David Watkins’ jewellery is characterised by shifts in techniques and materials and the display will show the full breadth of his work from minimal sculptural pieces to vibrant and improvisational compositions in form and colour, to large-scale objects intended to interact with the wearers’ body. Watkins began his career as a jazz pianist and sculptor and created model spacecrafts for Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. His early work echoes this aesthetic and pieces on show will include a silver and white enamel necklace and brooch that evoke space probes and the moon landing station."

read more here.
c/o dezeen, a favorite read!

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"flatness in unexpected ways."

Statler Waldorf Gallery
go here.

Aaron Spangler.

Echo Park, Los Angeles, New Gallery.

"Statler Waldorf Gallery is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition entitled “Depthless”. e exhibition includes eight artists who use a wide spectrum of approaches to deal with issues of space and flatness in unexpected ways."

The closing reception for "Depthless," this Sunday February 28th, from 6-9 pm.

The exhibition will also be on view during the day on Sunday the 28th from 12-6.

Statler Waldorf Gallery presents: “Depthless”

Artists: Brian Cooper, Deanna Erdmann, Dawn Kasper, Jenn Kolmel, Florian Morlat, Aaron Spangler, Austin Thomas, Torbjorn Vejvi Location: 1098 West Kensington Road, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Dates: January 29-February 28, 2010 Closing Reception: Sunday, February 28th 6-9 pm

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a 2nd look.


Henri Fantin-Latour

""When I found out I was working on an album called Power, Corruption and Lies , I felt drawn towards history. I went to the National Gallery in search of an image of a kind of Machiavellian character but in the end I gave up because everything I saw seemed too obvious, too cliche.

In the gift shop, I picked up this postcard by Henri Fantin-Latour. The person I was with asked if I was thinking of that for the cover and I said "no, of course not," and then…"

Peter Saville, designer.

1879, oil on canvas.

Power, Lies, and Corruption

New Order, 1983

"From my head to my toes From the words in the book I see a vision that would bring me luck From my head to my toes To my teeth, through my nose You get these words wrong You get these words wrong Everytime You get these words wrong I just smile

But from my head to my toes From my knees to my eyes Everytime I watch the sky For these last few days leave me alone But for these last few days leave me alone Leave me alone Leave me alone"

New Order, 1983

and finally flowers by David Hockney.

-- -- -- power, lies, flowers, and corruption -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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perfect balance.

1. counterbalance desk lamp, 1950 brass, enameled aluminum, enameled brass
2. ned colclough, via giant singers.
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