1. philippe starch, easy light, 1978
2. andrew cadere, 1974
3. amy yao
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Paris is burning. (Los Angeles, 5 % contained.)

1. "Paris is burning" by Lady Hawke
2. "Paris is Burning" 1990, by Jennie Livingston

(My thoughts are with those in the path, and fighting the fires here in Los Angeles.)

5 Percent Contained

"The Station blaze, which started Aug. 26, was about 5 percent contained as of last night and the Forest Service doesn’t expect it to be under control until tomorrow night at the earliest. Flames as high as 80 feet (24 meters) are burning in bigcone Douglas fir trees and other dry scrub that hasn’t seen significant fire activity in 40 years, the Forest Service said."

"The fire burning in Angeles National Forest is approaching the historic solar observatory and television transmission towers atop Mt. Wilson, according to Los Angeles County fire officials.
Two Los Angeles County firefighters battling the Station fire were killed this afternoon in a vehicle crash.

read more here...
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Fire 5 percent
10,000 homes threatened...
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a sense of structure: spheres
1. francois morellet, 1967, steel
2. claire falkenstein
3. ai wei wei
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Justus Kohncke

is better in the

"The dancefloor gets hers on "Timecode", with another efficiently executed take on Moroder-powered electro-disco. However, keeping in the summery spirit, its strains are extroverted rather than micro; buoyant and flashy instead of hip and minimal. If you're doing a mix, don't lead off with it, but put it near the top because it can sustain whatever you have going; if you're playing Vice City, let it blare as you wreak havoc through the streets, cab surfing and racking up stars. Zwei Photonen (or the apt "two photons") inaugurates summer with a diamond glare and the wise purr of whomever you hear it with. "

"Don't waste this stuff.
You know it only comes along once a year."

Justus Kohncke
via pitchforkmedia here...
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Jim Shrosbree
more images of his work here...

(watch an interview with him, c/o david lynch foundation. here....)
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Elad Lassry
Sept 12- Oct 24
David Kordansky Gallery

"Elad Lassry's films and photographs draw from hauntingly familiar aspects of visual culture to create a matrix of non-linear narratives, illuminating a nuanced topography of image-making.

Other recurring sources are Life-style photo essays, animal photography, headshots, textbooks, greeting cards, advertising and instructional imagery. Rather than pay heed to notions of high and low, Lassry isolates the moment before such a distinction is even made, thereby adapting the rigorously pioneering spirit of early photography and film for a contemporary, image-saturated environment. "

(taken from press release from David Kordansky)
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table lamp
a disco
for the
warm weekend.

images 1 and 2 : Innocente Gandini, "Sunlight table lamp" 1970

Plus a mix by Bodytonic, by Mr. Disco, Daniel Wang... here...

"Born in California and raised in Taiwan, the well-traveled producer Daniel Wang has been among the most restless and classically minded members of the dance music community over the last decade. Wang made a name for himself in the mid '90s Chicago house scene with a series of playful, funky, sample-delic 12-inches on his own Balihu label, compiled on 1998's I Was a Disco Malcontent: The Best of Balihu Records. Rooted in the pioneering disco and techno innovations of Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk, Francois K, Arthur Russell, the releases earned Wang a reputation for being something of a dance music purist, a notion underscored by his philosophy that the whole of house music can be summed up in 200 pieces of vinyl, while all the rest are merely variations."
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wall/floor sculpture by ian and ron.

1. ian pedigo
2. ron gilad
3. ian pedigo
4. ron gilad
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1. Italian Chandelier, 1950's
2. Moooi "Dear Ingo Chandelier " via stardust.... here

"The Dear Ingo chandelier was designed by Ron Gilad for Moooi in the Netherlands. This modern design chandelier encompasses functionality with style. Designer Ron Gilad transformed an assemblage of conventional incandescent task lights into a retractable multilamp chandelier as an homage to Ingo Maurer. Each light, made from powder-coated steel and painted black, can be individually positioned. Sixteen black metal lamps are attached to a metal black ring and suspended from the ceiling. A brilliant and beautiful design."

3. Gino Sarfatti, 1950
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liz larner ( a large black square)

minale maeda, here, two squares interior

empty room, three squares of light

ron gilad, hanging light, 4 squares

Etienne de crecy,
live, more here.,
many many many squares.

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the Convent of St. Cecilia
21 Monitor St. Brooklyn, NY
OPENING Friday, August 28th, 2009
6pm-9pm with performances by Bulbs and Sister Big Stuff

An exhibition reflective of our contemporary atmosphere,
Room Tones is also a return to an early and influential site of western art.
The Catholic convent of St. Cecilia in Greenpoint was once a robust institution,
home to a steady then slowly decreasing number of nuns until it was closed and vacated in 2008. Like many empty storefronts throughout New York City,
the situation of this particular convent is a barometer of the complex social and economic changes taking place in Greenpoint
and its neighboring L train enclaves.

Spiritual views and orientations aside, FatherKrische,
pastor of St. Cecilia, has generously worked with organizer Nathan Spondike and his
team making Room Tones an event that will reinvigorate this unique 97-year-old
building into a testament of the new thoughts and
ideas emerging from artists around it.

Room Tones is a collaborative exhibition of 25 highly diverse artistic peers within the vacant
Convent of St. Cecilia. Reflections of the nuns' former usage
of the space permeate thismomentary rehabitation.
Inside this once highly private and exclusive residence, the artists have each been given an individual room to provide an intimate and singular view of their work.

go to website here...

participating artists:
Rebecca Adams
Paolo Arao
Jason Bartell
Nathan Dilworth
Brock Enright
Aaron Frank
Chris Georges
Julio Cesar Gonzalez
Colt Hausman
Adam Henry
Colin Hunt
Brian Kain
William Latta
Qing Liu
Molly Lowe
Owen McAuley
Susan Sabiston
William Sabiston
Mike Schreiber
Emily Mae Smith
Nathan Spondike
Ryan Sullivan
Kristina Williamson
Leah Wolff
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hanging lamps, sculptures, wall flowers.


1. joongho choi... here.
2. christian vivanco, here.....
3. alexander calder.
4. unknown
5. hanging lamp for sirrah
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(in the corners.)

Sol Lewitt

"The best part of LeWitt's art, however, isn't how it's made, it's what it does. The finest wall drawings -- and these, by and large, were designed before 1993 -- render one of art's most invisible qualities, content, visible. They make you understand architecture as material; why the wall is a subject; how image, abstraction and text connect; what logic, authorship and even capitalism look like when they're thrown into question. This is no mean feat; it's almost miraculous..."

taken from Jerry Saltz's article here...

(images from top to bottom)

1. sol lewitt: Wall Drawing #146. All two-part combinations of blue arcs from corners and sides and blue straight, not straight and broken lines., September 1972
2. richard wright, wall drawing
3. neil campbell : c/o marianne boesky, here 2008
4. unknown wall drawing
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Dr. Edith Fiore.
(buy the book here)

‘You have been here before’ is a bookwritten by Dr Edith Fiore. Dr Edith is a psychologist. In this book, she writes about men and women who recall their past lives. This book comprises of people describing their former families, lovers, enemies etc.. In short, this book deals about reincarnation. The author says that she wishes to share with the world some human dramas that unfolded during two years of her clinical practice. Dr Edith Fiore speaks about her patients whom she hypnotized and thus they were able to recall their former lives.
In the first chapter, Dr Edith shows the method of regressing a person into a past life and describes the reactions of patients exploring their previous lifetimes. Chapter two to ten are case studies. Chapter eleven describes the experience of dying and also includes brief excerpts from transcripts that illustrate various death experiences.

(i recently found this book on my shelf. perhaps this is where the title came from?)
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at the hammer.

Claude Collins-Stracensky
(now on view at Hammer Museum, here.....)
see lots more of his images here..

"LA-based Claude Collins-Stracensky takes as his subject the fundamental aspects of the natural world—light, energy, and time—in a practice that embraces a range of mediums. The exhibition will present a group of new sculptures and two new large photographic lightbox wall reliefs, alongside a selection of photographs taken since 2001. From the face of a boulder rendered a glowing silver by the sun to a dramatically collapsed pavilion near the Santa Monica airport after a wind storm, Collins-Stracensky’s images capture moments that heighten our awareness of the constant interactions and changes occurring in our environment between systems, materials, and forms. Our desire to contain nature and our mediated experience of the natural world is explored in several recently completed sculptures, which consist of 2-way mirror tinted and perforated glass and colored Plexiglas vitrines containing objects such as painted palm fronds and sea shells placed atop precisely rendered steel bases. The filtering of visual information and the need to view the sculptures from multiple vantage points will be mirrored by Collins-Stracensky’s interventions into the space for which he will make perforations in the walls and install colored film onto the windows."

also showing:
"Second Nature: The Valentine-Adelson Collection at the Hammer brings together for the first time a selection from Dean Valentine and Amy Adelson’s generous gift to the Hammer Museum’s Contemporary Collection of fifty sculptures by twenty-nine Los Angeles artists."
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Leo Amino

"Born in Taiwan in 1911, Leo Amino emigrated to the United States in 1929 where he eventually studied at New York University. Although he recieved no formal art training his passion for sculpture lead him to study with Chiam Gross at the American Artists School.His work was exhibited at the 193 Worlds Fair which lead to his first solo exhibition in 1940. He taught at Black Mountan College in North Carolina and at the Cooper Union in New York City from 1952-1977."
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Sylvia Sleigh

“I wanted to give my perspective; portraying both sexes with dignity and humanism. It was very necessary to do this because women had often been painted as objects of desire in humiliating poses. I don’t mind the ‘desire’ part, it’s the ‘object’ that’s not very nice.” - Sylvia Sleigh

"Sylvia Sleigh, 89, is best known for her valiant effort in the 1970's to institute a new genre of feminist painting by changing the gender of the traditional odalisque. Whether because of her limitations as a painter or some deeper sociocultural resistance, the idea never took hold. Today her flatfootedly realist pictures of young, beautiful, extravagantly long-haired nude men in states of voluptuous relaxation remain fascinating artifacts of their time. Like other things about the 70's, they are embarrassing, unintentionally comical and oddly creepy, yet they remain somehow touching in their quixotic ambition to establish a new humanely erotic tradition for the heterosexual female gaze."

taken from NYT here..
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bricks and buildings...

1. per kirkeby see more here...
(June 26th to October 18th 2009)
2. mary weatherfod
3. stephen westfall
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